Travel Bug

March 24, 2016


Good morning beauties. Since I’ve last posted in September, I have been traveling a lot and working my butt off. I took a little hiatus from the blogging in order to focus on my business and health. However, I am realizing I am missing this part of my life :)

Since  then, life has been pretttty busy. I’ve traveled to Miami, Jamaica, Luxembourg, New York and Amsterdam. Next stops are London and Norway in the next couple of months.

I always knew traveling was going to be a huge part of my life as I enjoy it so much. Having the luxury of being my own boss and creating my own working hours (aka staying motivated) definitely helps in that respect.

I’ve decided to continue to keep you all entertained with my expat life in Barcelona and adventures that come with being an entrepreneur (and the down sides) and a peek into the new healthy lifestyle I am trying to live. #OperationSkinnyLinny


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