Just Go with the F-L-O-W

March 29, 2016


What a lazy week I’ve had! I haven’t been back to the gym and my diet slipped a little with baby bro visiting. Now that Easter is over and life goes back to normal, so does the routine. I am not a person of routine but I’ve realized it helps me stay in track and I am one of those people who just need it in my life. I am still trying to get into the habit of eating breakfast every morning and go to bed at the same time most nights.IMG_3472

That just sounds so boring! I like to think that I am spontaneous and if a girlfriend calls me at 9 pm to meet for a drink, I will most likely turn up. That’s just how I have always been. I like the excitement and it doesn’t hurt when your husband doesn’t like ANYTHING planned. I mean nothing! Last minute New Years Eve plans are the standard. It has made me plan even less and go with the flow 100% (he’d say I go with it 50%)

This is a big week for us at the coffee shop as well as my online company Petit Regalo! We are launching a guerrilla street campaign which if you follow me on  Snapchat you’ll have the pleasure of following live. (SNAPCHAT: lifestylingit) and there are a few celebs popping over this week so stay tuned for fun snaps and instagram posts :)

Have a happy, healthy & fun filled week <3

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