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Withlocals Dining Experience

August 16, 2015

I admit it! *thow-my-hands-up*  I am a foodie! I love spending money on good food and experiences, so I was delighted when WithLocals asked me on a dinner date to test out new hosts in Barcelona.withloc

Withlocals recently came to Spain after being predominately in Asia. The name says it all, but basically it focuses on bringing local hosts and travelers together from all over the world for extraordinary culinary experiences. There are three branches which include; Eat Withlocals, Tour Withlocals and Withlocals Activities.


Tour Withlocals is an authentic way to see the country and culture. My favorite places to visit are the ones where we have good friends that live there in order to give us the full experience. It’s different when you are following an outdated guidebook to try to figure out which sightseeing spots and restaurants are really worth the time and effort. Tour Withlocals allows travelers to experience the culture through the eyes of the host.

Withlocals Activities focuses on traditional fun activities to do. For example learning a traditional dance, craftsmanship, or the typical Spanish one like learning to cook paella.

I was invited to the Eat Withlocals launch in Spain which was just what the doctor ordered. I invited my girlfriend Emma to come with to share the experience. We were greeted by the lovely host, Victoria and her roommate Kerstin in their bright and cozy Eixample apartment.


We started the evening with a fresh watermelon cocktail and getting to know each other. All four of us being Scandinavian expats in Barcelona we had plenty to share, and as it turns out we had good friends in common. It is a small world after all.

Our hostess, Victoria, shared her love of healthy and clean eating with us. So we started the first course out with some seared salmon with homemade “knekkebrod” (crispy bread) and two different types of topping which included an avocado dip and a delicious pea pesto.


The vibrant colors and boastful flavors were very impressive. As we are getting ready for our second course Victoria brings out plenty of small plates with different veggies, tofu, crab sticks and garnish. We were quite confused and waiting for what we were actually going to eat especially when a bowl of hot boiling water was added to the table. We were going to make our own healthy spring rolls and it was certainly delicious!







We ended the evening with a beautiful and super yummy bowl of acai with plenty of toppings which included nuts, goji berries, banana, pumpkin seeds etc.



Thank you Victoria, Kertsin, Emma and the Withlocals team for a super fun and different experience. I know for sure my next travel to Asia will include a dinner, tour or activity in order to get closer to the real authentic culture and people.

If you are in Spain and wish to participate, there’s a special 2 for 1 offer, be sure to check it out!



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