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    Backpacking Experience – Sri Lanka

    I went on my first backpacking experience and it was totally body-mind-soul changing. My friends laughed when I told them I was buying a backpack and going with 2 experienced backpackers to Sri Lanka.…

    August 8, 2016
  • Pink Passport

    Pink Passport: Rome ~ The Eternal City

    Ah, Roma! One of my favorite places in the world. It holds so many childhood memories and being back there even just for a weekend was enough to evoke¬†nostalgia. I got to spend time…

    August 4, 2015
  • Pink Passport

    Pink Passport: Sao Paulo

    I’m finally over my jetlag! After 21 hours of traveling, we made it back to Europe safe and sound. It has taken me about one week to get back into my routine, back to…

    July 13, 2015
  • Pink Passport

    Pink Passport: Mozambique

    The second part of our honeymoon took us across the border into Mozambique. It is a stunning country with amazing food and the nature is spectacular.…

    May 5, 2015
  • Pink Passport

    Pink Passport: Cape Town

    I am still recovering from a three week holiday. You know when you desperately need a holiday after a holiday? That’s how I’m feeling. We spent three amazing weeks running around Africa. We flew…

    April 10, 2015
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    Snow & More Snow

    After a wonderful weekend in Andorra, we are back in Barcelona, back to reality and work. I love escaping a few days to the mountains and really reconnect with nature and reflect the things…

    February 2, 2015
  • Pink Passport

    Andorra, I Adore You

    We spent last weekend in beautiful Andorra, just a quick 2.5 hour drive from Barcelona and you’re in a different country, tax haven and surrounded by gorgeous ski resorts.…

    December 7, 2014
  • Pink Passport

    Daytrip to Capri

    Heaven on Earth We recently traveled to Italy. Amalfi Coast to be exact for our minimoon. (bigmoon coming up in 2015) We stayed in Positano which is the most magical and romantic place I…

    October 26, 2014